Katalin is a London based milliner working from trendy Muswell Hill. Her story started when inquiring strangers on the tube, buses and streets of London started questioning Katalin about the hats she wore.

Signed portrait of Katalin Merksz

Katalin Merksz


My love for hat making started at the age of 18 when I would hand stitch hats for my friends and loved ones. As a child I drew inspiration from Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I was highly inspired by 1990’s pop bands and always dreamt of creating my own hat line one day.

I have trained with Katherine Elizabeth — award winning milliner — and have recently completed my training in millinery course from the St Martin's College of Art.

Carefully handcrafted hats is what we do. How?

This procedure varies from hat to hat. In Katalin’s words:

“It always varies what inspires me and the design can change till the last stitch. Wherever I go, I find ideas and inspiration that make me create a new hat or headpiece.

It is a bit like having a child when I make hats. I have a piece of material and in the end I can hold this piece of material with a heart beating in it.

What I like most is when I go to vintage markets, and I can see beautiful 50-60-year old accessories, especially brooches with each one having its own history. I carefully choose each one of them with the aim to create something vintage with a modern look”.

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